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Being a man these days is not that easy.
Working hard to live up to your woman’s expectations, claiming your place and setting boundaries?
Getting caught between your desires for freedom and the weight of responsibility?
Struggling with male shame, lack of self-esteem or hurting from lack of self-worth?

  • How do you feel about yourself?

  • How are you showing up in the world?

  • Are you proud and self-confident?

Maybe you have heard about whats called false or toxic masculinity?
The masculinity where you hide behind different masks to the different situations and settings.
Where you try to impress to feel superior in a way to hide your fear from being found out?
Where you blame others for your misery and are addicted to the things that make you weaker?
Where your shadows play the game and your not owning yourself and your power.

I could go on but I believe you get the picture, right?

  • Struggles in relationship to women?

  • Having a hard time facing your addictions?

  • Feeding the Hamsterwheel and hoping for the magic moment in front of the slot machine?

  • Dreaming about the future and regretting about the past?

  • Lack of masculine role models have made you into a women´s friend and a spineless wimp?

If you want to step out of the meaningless treadmill and evolve into a more mature masculine man free from faking, blaming and posturing I´m ready to support you.

I´m ready to help you heal the wounds, clear out you’re Archetypal your core values and beliefs and guide you in how to integrate them into your daily life.
It will set you free from your addictions, procrastination habits and all the conditioned coping strategies you’re unconsciously running.
It´s no easy task but it´s your life brother, do you want your power back?
If not now, when?
Do you want to feel free to live more in touch with your life purpose?

  • Living your life from a place of fear is not working.

  • You want to feel alive and be the man you’re supposed to be

  • It is time to grow up.

  • Owning your courage and start trusting your gut feeling

“You must give up the life you planned (or your conditioned life) in order to have the life that is waiting for you” Joseph Campbell.

I will help you face the demons in you that keep you stuck and alchemize them into allies.
Mother wounds that keep your heart closed and lonely?
Father wounds that nurture your performance anxiety?
Shaming wounds around your sexuality, your body, your way of being?
Neglect or pampering or both that keep you in childhood reaction mode?

I  will help you learn how to step forward and grow into maturity.
Stop doing the things that wear you down and learn to live by your nature.
The true nature that lives in all men.
Your True Masculinity.

Guided by the energies of the 4 Archetypes you will restore your love life, your health, your mind-body connection and above all you reclaim your sovereignty and dignity.

Step up rather than stepping out.

It is your decision.
Have you suffered enough?

Best regard
Karl-Otto Sandvik
Coach and Mentor for Men

Send me some words and I send you a link to our a free of charge online chat on the Zoom platform.
Let´s have a chat about how life treats you and see if the chemistry works for us.

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