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I am assistant course leader since 2015 on the Reclaim Your Inner Throne  Rites of Passage online 13-week program.
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This conversation with the Norwegian men’s coach and teacher Eivind Skjellum is a deep and at times raw introduction to an extraordinary transformational map Eivind has created (or, more accurately, that he has discovered). Created for men, I think it has the impact on anyone who encounters it. The places he describes carry a profound psychic resonance: the City of Slumber, the Point of No Return, the Meeting with the Mapmaker of the East, the Abyss, the Demon’s Feast, the Beauty Path, the Encounter with the Black Knight, and much more. We recorded the conversation for the program I ran last year (Masculinity: A New Story). The entirety of the Masculinity: A New Story material will be offered as a self-guided learning journey soon.

The entirety of the Masculinity: A New Story material will be offered as a self-guided learning journey soon.

Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein interwiev

Stephen Whiting, Nutritionist

In the middle of the training, I could feel how an immature part of me was starting to die and a new part was getting born, a man who was a leader and was dedicated to serving the world. This is hands down the most powerful self-development training I’ve ever done.

Max Warren, MKP Florida

As a direct result of this training, I got a promotion at work, stepped into more leadership with MKP and transformed my relationship with my wife. This truly is the next wave in men’s work!

Tomas Friis, Coach, therapist & group leader

Having been part of this process has been profound. A stepping stone for my further process of walking my path, speaking my truth and living my purpose. Seldom, if ever, have I seen such depth and richness in the material presented – and I’ve seen a lot. But also, seldom have I met both requirements and dedication so deep. This path is not for the faint-hearted.