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Many men check out the prices and ask themselves if they can afford it.
That is a totally natural thing to do because we don’t want to spend all our money when we don’t know what we can expect.
In this case, you cant expect shit, but I promise you this: I will do all my best to open you up, to challenge your bullshit, help you heal and recover, walk beside you in the process, be your man in the corner, no matter what.
I have traveled this journey many times with many men, and I know the pitfalls, the voice of the backseat driver and the procrastination and addictive responses from your habitual consciousness.

So the actual price you will pay is letting go of your false self and restore your true self.
Your true masculinity.

“men’s greatest weakness is their facade of strength, women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness.” Warren Farrel

I have created these vouchers and you can choose to invest in a small one, to begin with, and check out if my approach and our cooperation work satisfyingly for you.

You might need something else and I may haven’t the competence needed to match your wishes and demands.

If you sense from what I have written that this might work and you have become curious I will invite you to a free of charge 30 min. online call and see if the chemistry fits.
Send me some words on the contact form and I get back to you with an invite to the Zoom platform.

Online coaching Vouchers

1 Hour session
Price $ 110

Archetypal coaching and guidance.
3 Hour Session
Price $249

Archetypal coaching and guidance.
5 Hour sessions.
Price $447

Archetypal coaching and guidance.
10 Hour sessions

Price  $795.

Send me a message in the contact form below and we will schedule a free of charge online chat on Zoom to see if we are a match for each other.

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