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Here you get a schedule of the 4 Archetypes, their mature virtues, and their immature shadow aspects.

4 masculine archetypes and their shadow aspects

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The 4 sided pyramid logo symbolizes the
four archetypes and the divine purpose
that awakens from inside.




The basis of the 4 Mature Archetypes is built on a foundation of Carl. G. Jung and his groundbreaking work on the collective subconscious mind.


Our collective subconscious mind is like a Karmic river that floats in and out and around us.
All the wisdom and experiences of all people lie here as in a bank of knowledge. In Buddhist term, it´s called the Alaya consciousness.
Your karma is mixed up with karma from all human beings and either you like it or not, we are all interrelated and interdependent with each other.

You have also your own personal karma, and it’s in a constant flux and you change your bad karma to good karma by making good causes which create good effects. (good karma)
We can plug into this field or into this karmic storage and access endless possibilities of wisdom and good fortune.

Carl Gustav Jung found similar symbols for these personalities or psychological characteristics in the myths and legends of many different indigenous tribes around the world.

Douglas Gillette and Robert Moore continued this work and explored deeply into these characters.
They found out that these psychological structures fall into four characters or qualities.

This resulted in the book King. Warrior. Magician and Lover.
Rediscovering the archetypes of the mature masculine.

Deep down in our subconscious, we have psychological structures that can be divided into 4 archetypal energies or qualities if you like.
We can live true to these energies or qualities or we can live stuck in the polarized active and passive shadow aspect of them.
We need to be initiated to the mature archetypes and we have to let go of the immature aspects of them.
Even so, we use the immature shadow aspects to organize and balance them out.

The definition of true masculinity in the 4 mature archetypes.

The King 








The King archetype is your inner sovereign and the master of your kingdom.
The King has a clear vision for himself and his realm.
He reigns his realm with calmness and a clear overview.
The King has clear boundaries and values.
He creates structure, safety, and prosperity.
The King forgives and accommodates diversity.
The King lives to serve a greater purpose.

The Warrior








The Warrior archetype is your power of inner and outer discipline.
Your vigor, endurance, and decisiveness.
The Warrior is in charge of your health.
This includes your diet your exercises and your relaxation.
The Warrior is always ready to be loyal and serve his
king’s commandments and purpose.
Your personal vitality and life energy come from your inner Warrior.

The Magician







The Magician archetype is in connected to your intuitive creativity.
He has contact with different mystical levels of energy and insight into hidden knowledge.
The magician alchemizes your knowledge and your subconscious energies into useful wisdom.
He is your king’s counselor and adviser in all matters.

The Lover







The Lover archetype is in charge of your ability to have joy and enjoy the beauty of all kind.
The Lover is your provider of fine art and sensuality. He enriches your life with nursery, care, openness, and transcendence.
He has a fine-tuned sensibility and combined with great compassion he has an enormous care for life itself.
He is always in search for the infinite divine and the endless orgasm.
Without access to your mature lover archetype everything
feel meaningless and you feel lost

(Pictures is from the front page of the book King Warrior Magician and Lover. Rediscovering the archetypes of the mature masculine. By Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette).

True masculinity and false masculinity?

If you haven’t accessed and integrated (been initiated) to the four masculine archetypes in your life, you probably live most of your existence in the bipolar active aggressive and passive submissive shadow aspect of them.

Here are a description of the archetypal shadow aspects.
Not if, but what can you recognize?

We can categorize these “shadow men” into four major types:

The tyrant or weakling who lives in the shadow aspect of the King.
The macho man or the loser who lives in the shadow aspect of the warrior.
The addicted craving man or the soft Mr. Nice guy who lives in the shadow aspect of the Lover.
The manipulator or the naive innocent who lives in the shadow aspect of the Magician.

The King shadow aspect.

The active aggressive shadow aspect of the King archetype is the tyrant.
The over responsible, controlling, and demanding leader. (Francis Underwood in House of Cards)
When he lose power or get demoted he fall into the passive submissive aspect of the King archetype and become the innocent irresponsible weakling, who blame other for his misery.

The tyrant and the weakling.

The tyrant is all in for excessive control and abuse of other people.  He demands total submissiveness. He is all over the place, checking if everything is going after his schedules and are following his rules.
If not, he comes down on you as a nasty repulsive executioner.
He uses his power and influence to blame other for their lack responsibility.
Or he gets confronted with his failures and falls into a totally irresponsible weakling.

The Warrior shadow aspect.

The active aggressive shadow aspect of the Warrior is the sadist. The macho man who is strong on the outside, to protect his softer inside. He feels good about others defeat and failures and he feels nothing but contempt for weaknesses. (Francis Underwood´s loyal servant, Dough). These men often become frantic overachievers and workaholics for only one reason and that is to boost their self-esteem and low self-worth.

He lives his life in his attachment to material things and clings to his violent superiority and self-righteousness about what he thinks is right. He polishes his facade with big cars, money, expensive suits and beautiful women

When he gets tired and stressed out he collapses into the passive submissive shadow aspect of the warrior. He became the masochist the doormat unconsciously asking for others’ violations.
This man has lost his willpower and suffer more or less from stress and depression
His sword is broken.

The Magician shadow aspect.

The active aggressive shadow aspect of the magician is the manipulator. The trickster, the liar, who talks behind your and everybody else’s back, only to gain an advantage. (Gollum in Lord Of The Rings)
When he gets revealed he turns to his passive submissive shadow aspect of the magician. He becomes the innocent naive dummy and plays the role of the stupid one. The infantile boyish and nerdish character.

The creative manipulator.

The classic creative manipulator is the spin-doctor and the politician who promise all good for the future.
They will do anything to promote their cause and work hard to turn every aspect into the favor of their cause.
The manipulator is not afraid to use a white lie or two and would never justify their mistakes and show some responsibility. He is the ultimate trickster and can handle anything.
If he, against all odds get into a situation where he is being revealed and discovered in a lie, he will immediately act naive and innocent. He just doesn’t know how it could have happened and he may play stupid to get off the hook.
He is the little professor in you who creatively tries to seduce himself and others int believe him.

The Lover shadow aspect.

The active shadow aspect of the Lover is man attached to his addictions. He is in an endless search for pleasure and fulfillment. He has no limits and can never get enough, he is never satisfied. He uses alcohol, sex, drugs, money, gambling, shopping, only for the sake of pleasure. He is scared of true intimacy and hides behind the computer screen and he falls in love with women from a safe distance. Or he falls for women out of his league.
If you try to set limits to his addiction, he would overrun you, hurt you and leave you, or he will blame you for being stupid and a bad friend.

When he gets too sick and tired of this behavior he collapses into the passive submissive shadow aspect of the Lover. Here we find the people pleaser, the overly nice and helpful and friendly man.

He lives mostly in a world of fantasy and is hoping that somebody will rescue him some day or a magic gesture like a kiss from the princess will break the spell.
He has his secrets and rituals.
He is scared and avoids conflicts and he becomes the sexual impotent with no drive and no clear purpose in life.

He would never harm anybody or do anything in favor of his own. This man lives in constant fear of conflicts and has weak personal boundaries. You see him on the couch, with a bag of potato chips in one hand and the remote control in the other.

In some severe cases, some men have totally abdicated their inner throne (their sovereignty) and given the responsibility of their life to others. They live true to a leader and give him or her all their power and their blind loyalty. (This was seen in Germany during the 30´s Where Adolf Hitler took power and seduced most of the German people.

Many men have given up their own sovereignty and live their lives as submissive pussy whipped boys.
They usually blame others for their problems. They hate conflicts and they rely solely on their women’s validation.
This man believes that she knows best and if he tries to say something she easily silences him with verbally shaming tactics, threats, and emotional abuse or withdrawal.

In the opposite case, he can collapse into the king’s shadow aspect and suffer from grandiosity omnipotence and a narcissistic hubris. He lives in a dream of himself as a king, but he lives in a dream of a dream and believes he is awake.

These men have poorly developed emotional intelligence and often live a dependent or oppressive life with their woman or their children or other people.

She is either in need of the man to rescue her or he needs her to rescue him. They live in an addictive relationship to each other and get stuck in their behavior because of blindness and their lack of ability to of change.

This is, of course, the extremes of the active and passive polarization of the immature archetypes, and there is always room for multiple combinations.

This is a podcast interview with my 4 archetype mentor and coach Eivind F Skjellum on about the 4 archetypes, their mature qualities, and their toxic behavior.
Click on the picture and listen to this amazing interview!


If you feel ready to step up to yourself and take on the journey of inner masculine transformation?
Read on:

Hello, Men.

Do you know the difference between immature and true masculinity?
Your toxic masculinity creates all of your procrastinations and addictions.
When you live your life in your immature masculinity you live in the passive aggressive shadow aspect of the mature masculine archetypes.

The King. Warrior. Magician and Lover.
Your 4 masculine archetypes lie dormant in you and they will elevate you to your true mature masculinity.
Where you step out of your meaningless treadmill and piles of procrastination and live true to your own self.
You live your life with dignity and honor and become a trustworthy and reliable friend, father, lover, husband and as a great leader with integrity.
You become a positive role model to your kids, your friends and you leave a legacy worth fighting for.
When you take on the challenge to grow into your true masculinity

You get exercises and challenges to access your 4 mature masculine archetypes

You learn how to eliminate your bad habits of procrastination.

You learn how to prioritize your task and get more effective.

You transform your feelings into care and action.

You get in shape and take care of your body.

You merge the 4 mature archetype core values in your life and you step into your true masculinity.

And the best of it all.
You get the 4 archetypes to work as a team for you and you get used to your own success.

This is no bullshit, I give you mental, physical, psychological and heart opening exercises and challenges that will elevate your life into your true masculinity.
Body, soul, and heart work in synergy.

You can avoid further crisis and suffering and create the purposeful life you want.

Change your paradigm, change your habits and move on in your life.

Live true to your deep masculine heart.

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