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  • After the archetype skype coaching program and the clarification of my core values. I got a clear overview over my life and learned tools to focus and now I believe more in myself and my masculinity. It has made it easier for me to relate to my ex-wife. Now I surprisingly I attracts a completely different type of women than before. They are more radiant, trustful and more present than before. Maybe it´s just me who have changed. Casper

    Casper, Envato

  • I can warmly recommend other men to get help from Karl Otto. I never thought I needed help from the other people but I finally had enough and found out that there is no reason to go with his "bullshit" and destructive thoughts alone. There is help and Karl Otto is the man who can help you. My family has got a happy father and husband back, and I am no longer walking around like a ticking bomb. I have become much more honest about my life situation and true to my feelings. I have released a lot of the negative mental energy. Although I still have some "issues" to work with my life has become much more straightforward. I have a strong connection to my archetypal core values and it gives me peace, direction and purpose. Henrik

  •   After 3 sessions, I learned to relate to my feelings and verbalize them. Now I can express my needs because I trust my gut feeling. Michael

    Michael, Envato